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Functional Fitness

No Weight-ing!

As we grow older, we must become wiser. Strong healthy bodies create strong healthy minds and vice versa. It is important to create lean muscle mass in order to improve the function of the body in everyday life. The focus should not be on weight of the body but perhaps the use of weights in the gym. At Fitter Futures, we focus on long term gains – lean muscle mass, positive programs and long-term results.

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Being a good example to kids, rather than using them as an excuse, provides the gold standard for family health and well-being. Monkey see, monkey do! Let Fitter Futures be your one stop shop. A place that caters for the whole family. A place that encourages and supports. A place where you and your family can forge a fitter future for life.

The Time Squeeze

At Fitter Futures, we have a unique workout timetable and zone that allows for an inclusive environment for the whole family. We welcome both adults and adolescents. We are here to support, encourage and help overcome any challenge. We will help you make time, set goals and tackle any task. It’s time to make small changes to create a happier, healthier, fitter future for the whole family!


As the Easter holidays start to loom in the not too distant future, I begin to think about the phrase surviving the holidays. Holidays must be driven by the things we love to do – being with family and friends, eating well, moving and resting at the right times and opportunities. Through this approach, we will all thrive – not just survive – the Easter Break!