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Want your child to have the capability and confidence to give everything a go?

Youth need FUN and age-appropriate training to inspire a love of movement.

Whether you have a ‘sporty’ kid or teen who wants to be a better athlete, or a child who needs a confidence boost – our programs cater to all needs and abilities.

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Fitter Futures is 1 of only 4 Brand X Labs in the world.

Brand X are world leaders in functional movement, strength and conditioning training for youth. At Fitter Futures, you know that your child is working with specialist coaches who provide age-appropriate and safe training.

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Our #1 priority is athlete safety, meeting each athlete (no matter their age) where they’re at, enabling them to achieve success. And feel motivated!

We have 3 kids at Fitter Futures (8, 10 and 12 years old). They all love training with the coaches and the other kids, learning new skills and learning to trust their bodies and what they can do for them. They have all improved their HPE at school and in other activities in their lives. 10/10. I also train as part of their adults program and the coaching and programming is pretty close to perfect. My mind and body have improved in ways I didn't think they still could. I look forward to every session.
Sonja Bennetto
My family of 5 have been attending Fitter Futures for many years. My husband and I are both doctors and we have 3 daughters aged 14, 12 and 10. We didn’t want to see our girls stop participating in physical activity as they became teens. This is a trend we really sought to avoid and what attracted us to Fitter Futures. Fitter Futures is actually much more than a gym, it is a community and extended family who support and nurture each other so that each individual can maximise their potential. Despite playing lots of different sports, our 3 girls were never actually trained in the appropriate mechanics of each movement prior to Fitter Futures. This led to constant and recurrent injuries. Fitter Futures has established such a strong core and base for each of our family members that easily translates to any sport and has definitely enhanced our sporting achievements. We are all fitter, healthier and more body aware and confident and this translates to all aspects of our lives.
Dr Liz Hay (Howes)
Fitter Futures tweens functional movement program
I would like to thank Fitter Futures for your enthusiasm. My children love it! They always come home so happy and energised and are keen to show us all the new exercises they are learning and how many muscles they are getting. It has been a challenge to find something they enjoy, particularly for my son, and this has just been amazing. We have seen some very positive changes around his choices and lifestyle and I think some changes can be attributed to his new exercise regime. I love what you are doing there for my kids and I tell EVERYONE! I wish you every success with what is a positive program for all children.
Ryan (Father of 10 y.o. boy)

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