Tweens Program

A functional fitness and strength and conditioning program specifically designed for kids ages 9 – 12 years.

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Why Our Tweens Program?

Our 45 minute Tweens classes will build upon their physical abilities to promote healthy growth and development to improve the athleticism of every child, no matter their ability level.  The program incorporates functional movement using good mechanics, to build strong bones and muscles while improving balance, mobility, coordination, agility, core strength, cardio fitness and endurance.  We are also focused on improving their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience which is much needed at this vulnerable age. Establishing healthy habits early on can help form a lifelong healthy connection to physical activity.

Learn to Lift Classes

Our Learn to Lift program is a great introduction for older Tweens and Teens who are just starting to explore resistance training including with weights and equipment, and/or training in a gym environment.  If your kids or teens have access to a gym (whether it be at home or at school), we highly recommend this program to ensure they learn how to lift ‘the right way’ and to keep them safe.

STRONG Tweens Classes

STRONG Tweens (9-12 yrs) is an advanced class for kids who have experience in our Tweens program and have demonstrated competency and consistency in safe movement patterns.  In this class the emphasis is on training good motor patterns through neurological adaptation.  We teach the foundational lifts that are trained in our STRONG Teens program with accessory movements.  STRONG Tweens sessions also include a conditioning component, and provide opportunities to express their strength in other ways.

STRONG Tweens learn using body weight and light weight (sometimes just a broomstick), with small incremental increases in load when athletes are executing proper mechanics consistently over time.

In STRONG Tweens athletes quickly learn that they must ‘earn the right’ to progress in load (and even then, we always take ‘small steps’).  Our objective is to lay the foundations that young athletes will need to explore load and intensity as their bodies mature and develop.

This is a great program for more advanced Tween athletes who are already showing an interest in strength training, like our STRONG Teens class.  Strong Tweens must attend 2 x STRONG Tweens sessions per week, and are encouraged to continue to participate in Tween sessions also if their schedule allows it.  Please contact us if you would like more information about this program. (There are no free trials for this class).

Stretching-Mobility-Skills (SMS) Sessions

We encourage Tweens to attend these FREE 15 minute SMS sessions (scheduled directly before or after the Tweens class). The SMS session led by our coaches shows Tweens how to stretch and mobilise their bodies, and establishes a healthy habit of incorporating stretching and mobility into their exercise routine.

Fun + Fitness = Motivation

Have FUN becoming FITTER, STRONGER and more CAPABLE. Develop SELF-MOTIVATION to exercise and work hard (develop grit)!

Healthy Habits

Be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to live a healthy active life.


Feel like part of a TEAM while working as an individual. Our INCLUSIVE and supportive culture makes everyone feel like they BELONG.

Confidence & Mood

Our kids develop SELF-CONFIDENCE and improve their MOOD, (reducing anxiety, stress & depression).

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