Juniors Program

At our “kids gym”, we offer a FUN functional movement program specifically designed for kids ages 5 – 8 years.

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Why Our Juniors Program?

Our Juniors program is for kids typically aged between 5-8 years (Prep to Grade 3), or sometimes younger or older depending on their developmental age, capability and maturity.

The objective of our 30 minute sessions at our kid’s fitness gym is to make fitness fun!  We focus on foundational movements and general sport skills to develop physical literacy – what all kids need to become capable and confident.  Kids become stronger, fitter and develop a love of movement & exercise. Each session is always different so kids are never bored.  Structured play and games are a significant part of these sessions.  Because their brains learn best through play!

Our programming is based on The Brand X MethodTM, and is coached in a way that is appropriate for this young age group.  Our coaches have a real gift for teaching kids, using tried and tested coaching cues and progressions that make the Brand X MethodTM world leaders in youth fitness.


Fun & Fitness

Have FUN as kids explore fundamental movements and gross motor skills


EDUCATE kids about healthy habits in a language they understand

Teamwork & Resilience

LEARN to work with others and build resilience through games (where there are winners and losers)!


Our kids develop confidence in their body and mind through movement.

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