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Perfect Planning for Fitter Futures!

The coaching profession is ever changing. Coaches need to be a jack of all trades – a trainer … a motivator … a communicator … an enthusiast … focussed … observant … supportive … a programmer … the list goes on. Trainers must have a vast array of skills to be able to deal with people of all ages and abilities in the day to day business of coaching. At Fitter Futures, we are fortunate enough to have highly skilled tacticians and masters of their craft. Coaches train our members to become champions in their sport, and more importantly life (Johnson, 2011). We aim to provide many individuals with opportunities to produce peak performance and strive for fitter futures.


Programming plays a major role in Fitter Futures. Careful planning goes into each workout, each level within the workout and each movement and how it complements the different classes throughout the week. This takes an incredible amount of thought, preparation and time. While the allure of a 24/7 gym, a fitness app or even being able to close the three rings on a smart watch may be convenient, it is the personal approach at Fitter Futures that stands out amongst the crowd. The coaches work tirelessly, and it is this specific, tailored programming, as opposed to generic online programs, that sets Fitter Futures apart.

For adults in particular, functional fitness is an important aspect of overall well-being, but it becomes especially important as we get older. At Fitter Futures, our coaches prepare programs that will improve skills and the body for various functional movements. It is important to address these different physical attributes in a targeted and balanced way. We take into consideration an individual’s current fitness level, goals and any other physical limitations or injuries. The benefit of having our coach’s program, is that they know our members and tailor everything to suit their needs. Programming focuses on movements that mimic everyday activities such as bending, reaching, and lifting. This, in turn, helps to improve an individual’s ability to perform these activities with ease and without injury. We keep our members safe and we keep our members moving.

For our younger athletes, it becomes obvious to parents that they should encourage participation in a wide variety of sports. Basically, the more our young kids can run, jump, hop, swim and enjoy sports, the better (Athletes Authority). While most adolescents believe that doing more training will yield results, it comes down to simply learning how to move well. Helping emerging athletes learn to jump, land, run, push, pull and be injury resilient is one of the most valuable assets. At Fitter Futures we provide our tweens and teens with opportunities to move and perform well. After all, the most athletic athletes have the best chances at success. Our training focusses on strength and conditioning that builds a great foundation of athleticism. The programming specialises in safe and progressive workouts and our coaches are specifically trained to be able to equip our youth members with the tools necessary to gain a competitive edge. Our coaches are encouragers. They are motivators. They are the extra assistance required to keep your tween or teen off their screen and on our green.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of staying ahead is surrounding yourself with the right team of people. Thanks to our coaching staff, all our members have Fitter Futures!

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