Never too old!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning, stays young” (Henry Ford).

At Fitter Futures, we encourage all adults to have a go, learn new things and improve – whether that be having a long, medium, or short term goal, or perhaps all three! Setting goals helps trigger new behaviours. It motivates and can increase positive mental health along with physical health (Riopel, 2022). It is with this in mind that our senior coaches aim to spend time with each adult member three to four times a year, in order to create their own personalised goals. By setting aside time to work through individual targets, it creates a feeling of commitment and acceptance. It encourages adults to make a choice to make a change. In addition to goal reviews, a series of strength and cardio tests are completed quarterly providing yet another opportunity for members to see concrete evidence of change and individual improvement.

Adults should stop, notice, and acknowledge (Innovative Resources, 2021). Acknowledging achievements assists in building and strengthening helpful pathways in your brain. It builds self-esteem and confidence. At Fitter Futures, we are amazed every day by our adult members. Whether it be achieving a new box jump height, removing a band from pull ups, overcoming fears of handstand holds, a rope climb or reaching a new personal best – we are proud of each achievement. It is the look of amazement … it is the excitement from other members … it is the smile that you can’t remove … We love seeing you all set goals and achieve them … We love being part of this achievement!

Adults are never too young to learn a new skill, improve their strength or create a habit that will forge a fitter future. Our purpose is to make change to your life and unlock your potential by creating lifelong tools and insights on how to become happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident.

What are your goals? How will you get there? Make a plan … Make a start!

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