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Teens Program

A functional fitness and strength and conditioning program specifically designed for teens aged 12+ years.

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Why Our Teens Program?

Teenagers have their own special needs when it comes to long term athletic development.  They are undergoing change at a constant rate, both physically and emotionally.  Our Teens program is specifically designed for teenagers, to improve their movement, fitness and strength in the most effective way whilst minimising injury risk.  Our constantly varied 45 minute classes incorporate functional movements (body weight and weighted movements) to build stronger, fitter bodies with improved stability and mobility.  As with any class, our priority is always to teach Teens how to move with safe mechanics/technique.  Progressing intensity (including by increasing load) is always done in a considered and supervised manner with experienced coaches, keeping athletes safe and free of injury.

Our classes will also improve their mood, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and mindset.  Helping teens to become internally motivated to live healthier lifestyles, aspiring to constantly improve their fitness and athleticism.

Learn to Lift Classes

Our Learn to Lift program is a great introduction for older Tweens and Teens who are just starting to explore resistance training including with weights and equipment, and/or training in a gym environment.  If your kids or teens have access to a gym (whether it be at home or at school), we highly recommend this program to ensure they learn how to lift ‘the right way’ and to keep them safe.

Teen Girls Classes

We also offer a Teen Girls class for teenage girls (age 12+) to increase fitness, strength and self-confidence in an environment where they may feel more comfortable.

STRONG Teens Classes

If you are a teenager who is playing sport, or a teen who just wants to get strong or ‘go to a gym to lift weights’, then our STRONG Teens program is for you.​ Having a strong musculoskeletal system in Teens is fundamental to athletic performance and injury prevention.  Because kids are specialising in sport at a much younger age, there is an increasing rate of serious injuries in young athletes. And they are burning out faster. Unfortunately kids do not get the total body strength gains they need from sport specific training.

Our STRONG Teens program is our signature program for more advanced athletes –  a specific, individualised weight training class for Teens to build strength.  We train foundational barbell lifts as well as accessory movements (using body weight and equipment). Our highest priority is teaching Teens how to consistently lift weights safely with good mechanics.  Only then do we gradually increase intensity by adding load that is appropriate for each individual athlete.  Teens quickly learn we have a culture of ‘earning the right’ to increase load by demonstrating consistent quality movement.

The class operates with a 1:1 coach-to-athlete ratio in the sense that no athlete lifts without at least one trainer’s ‘eyes on’. In other words, every repetition is supervised by a coach, giving the athlete immediate feedback.

It is important that athletes take a long-term perspective in this class, and that they understand that small improvements are worthy accomplishments.  This class is not designed to elicit short-term strength gains for short-term goals.  We are seeking to improve strength in a safe, gradual and structured way in the best interests of the athlete’s long term athletic development.

Athletes in our STRONG Teens program must attend a minimum of 2 STRONG Teens sessions per week to get the most gains. Please contact us if you would like more information about this program.

(There are no free trials for this class. Athletes must first be assessed & complete an on-ramp program before joining STRONG Teens).

Stretching-Mobility-Skills (SMS) Sessions

We encourage Teens to attend these FREE 15 minute SMS sessions (scheduled directly before or after the Teens class). The SMS session led by our coaches shows Teens how to stretch and mobilise their bodies, and establishes a healthy habit of incorporating stretching and mobility into their exercise routine.

Fun + Fitness = Motivation

Have FUN becoming FITTER, STRONGER and more CAPABLE. Develop SELF-MOTIVATION to exercise and work hard (develop grit)!

Healthy Habits

Be INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to live a healthy active life.


Feel like part of a TEAM while working as an individual. Our INCLUSIVE and supportive culture makes everyone feel like they BELONG.

Confidence & Mood

Our kids & teens develop SELF-CONFIDENCE and improve their MOOD, (reducing anxiety, stress & depression).

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