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Strength & Conditioning Coaching & Mentoring to Help Aspiring Athletes Achieve Their Dreams.

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Most schools, clubs and gyms can’t provide the individual attention young athletes need for strength & conditioning to reach their full potential.

Without the right programs, right intensity, or quality coaching & supervision, athletes are at risk of injury, disfunction, plateauing and burnout. Youth athletes need strength & conditioning coaching that is appropriate for youth (not adults).

When you join The Athlete Academy you gain access to experienced coaches and mentors who design strength & conditioning programs specific to your biological, physiological and sport-specific needs.

The Athlete Academy is available at our Indooroopilly and East Brisbane training facilities, and is also accessible to athletes Australia wide.

As a member of The Athlete Academy you get:

Movement assessment & testing

We assess movement competency; test strength & capacity; and use body composition scans to track growth & progress

Individual program

An individual program is designed for you, based on YOUR goals, physiological & sport specific needs.

Mentoring & coaching that gets results

Get more from your training under the mentorship, supervision and guidance of our experienced coaches who specialise in youth athletic development.

Reach your potential as an athlete

Become a stronger, more capable athlete to improve your performance and reduce injury risk.

How it Works

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Then we'll give you a call to determine if The Athlete Academy is the best fit for your child and which membership option suits best.
Receive an Individual Program Reviewed Monthly
We assess & test the athlete and design a program. Every 4 weeks we review progress and update the program.
Train With Our Coaches & Get Results
Receive mentoring and coaching from our coaches 1-on-1, in small groups, or remotely. Move better, gain strength, power & stability to improve your sporting performance and reduce injury risk.
Our Athletes


Our #1 priority is helping athletes reach their athletic potential through mentoring and coaching the whole athlete. We safely develop movement capability, strength and power so they have success & longevity in their sport and beyond.

Since I started strength & conditioning training with Fitter Futures (18 months ago), my performances in the pool have improved in leaps and bounds. I've made huge gains in my personal records and have won medals at State and National competitions, and came very close to making the Australian team. As an elite athlete, I understand that in order to succeed, you need the best team around you. Frankly, if I didn’t have the support of Sam Mathers and the team at Fitter Futures, I wouldn’t be where I am. I know that I am stronger, faster and have more muscle mass because of my strength program and the coaching I've received. Most of all I really appreciate that the team understands my needs and capabilities and know how to get the best out of me. I'm a much better athlete and swimmer because of the work I'm doing with Fitter Futures.
Tom Henderson (Swimming)
Acalia has always had a strong love and passion for sport. She has a dream of being World Number 1 in women's tennis. Acalia is now 13 years old and has a big training load (over 20 hours per week). We knew we needed an experienced strength & conditioning coach to work with Acalia one-on-one to help develop her strength & athleticism and also minimise her risk of injury. We wanted someone we could trust to look after Acalia as we knew she was young, and that it was important to work with someone with expertise in working with youth athletes. We were drawn to Sam at Fitter Futures not only because of her depth of knowledge and commitment to her craft, but because of her genuine care and passion for youth development. Since working with Sam & the team at Fitter Futures, Acalia's performance on the court has soared. Her work in the gym has translated to her being stronger, faster and more balanced on court, and she has had more success in matches and tournaments. The team at Fitter Futures are great to work with, and Acalia absolutely loves attending her sessions. I think she also enjoys having a training environment that is different from where she spends the majority of her time (on court). We cannot recommend highly enough Sam and the team at Fitter Futures!
Acalia Feletti (Tennis)
Mackenzie is swimming at State and National level and wants to be an Olympian. We identified through a movement assessment that Mackenzie was lacking significantly in upper body strength, scapular control and shoulder stability. This put her at higher risk of injury and would limit her performance in the pool if not corrected. In just 12 weeks of working together Mackenzie has made huge progress and already she has seen results, achieving personal records in the pool, and achieving Gold and Silver medals at Queensland Championships (improving on last year's results). Mackenzie lives in Toowoomba and does her strength & conditioning sessions with a coach one-on-one through Zoom every week in her home gym. She loves working with her coach and is really excited about discovering what she is truly capable of in the pool once she's been doing strength training for years to come.
Mackenzie Grimes (Swimming)

Fitter Futures is 1 of only 4 Brand X® Labs in the world.

Brand X are world leaders in functional movement, strength and conditioning training for youth.

At Fitter Futures, you know that your athlete is working with specialist coaches at the forefront of youth athletic development.

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Membership Options

Minimum 3 month commitment.  Paid monthly.  Joining fee of $250 applies.

Different membership options available (Gold, Silver & Bronze) depending on which mode of training suits the athlete.

Gold Membership
Contact us for rates
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 45 min sessions (1 or 2 per week)
  • Individual program, updated every 4 weeks.
  • Movement assessment & testing. 2 x EVOLT body composition scans included.
Coaching & mentoring 1-on-1 provides the highest level of supervision and undivided attention from coaches to get the best results.
Silver Membership
Contact us for rates
  • Train in a small group for Athlete Academy members (up to 2 sessions a week)
  • Individual program, updated every 4 weeks.
  • Complimentary access to 45 min. Teens strength & conditioning sessions
  • Movement assessment & testing. 2 x EVOLT body composition scans included.
Attending gym sessions with other members of The Athlete Academy ensures athletes receive close supervision, and benefit from training with our experienced coaching team. Athletes also enjoy the social aspect of training with other athletes from different sports and are inspired by their peers.
Contact us for rates
  • Do your strength & conditioning program outside of Fitter Futures (e.g. at home, school, Club).
  • Individual program. Weekly check-in with coaches to track progress of training.
  • Every month the athlete has a 1hr review (in person or via Zoom) to measure progress The program is then updated for the next 4 week cycle.
Bronze membership is designed for athletes who are unable to do their strength & conditioning training with our coaches on a weekly basis (e.g. due to scheduling conflicts). The athlete is prescribed an individual program, and they train outside of Fitter Futures. To make sure the athlete is progressing as expected and is moving safely with good mechanics, every 4 weeks the athlete has a 1hr review session with the coach which then informs the program for the next cycle.

Give your athlete the best opportunity to achieve their sporting dreams

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