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For kids typically aged between 5 – 8 years. Our objective is to make fitness fun and develop foundational movements and skills that all kids need to become confident and capable. Structured play & games are a significant part of these sessions.

Fitter Futures juniors program


Our Tweens program is specifically designed for 9 – 12 year olds. The program incorporates functional movement using good mechanics, to build strong bones and muscles while improving balance, mobility, coordination, agility, core strength, cardio fitness and endurance.  We are also focused on improving their self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience which is much needed at this vulnerable age.

Fitter Futures tweens functional movement program


Our Teens program is specifically designed for teenagers, to improve their fitness and strength using functional movements, resistance training and cardio work as well as mobility and flexibility. Progressing intensity / load is always done in a considered and supervised manner with experienced coaches, keeping athletes safe and free of injury. Our classes will also improve their mood, self-confidence, self-esteem, resilience and mindset. 

Fitter Futures teens functional movement program

STRONG Teens / Tweens

Our signature program for more advanced Teens and Tweens – a specialised weight training program tailored to each individual to build strength and stability. Our highest priority is teaching youth how to consistently lift safely with good mechanics. Only then do we increase intensity by gradually adding load based on the capability of the individual athlete. We train barbell lifts with accessory work using equipment and bodyweight.

Fitter Futures specialised weight training program for teens and tweens

Adults S&C

Our Strength & Conditioning class is based on functional movement with lots of variety. You can expect resistance training (using bodyweight and weights), aerobic conditioning, high intensity interval training, and plyometrics,  designed to improve all aspects of fitness like strength, muscular and cardio endurance, stamina, power, agility, balance, and co-ordination.

Fitter Futures Strength & Conditioning class for adults

Adults STRONG Bodies

We think STRONG Bodies should be a ‘staple’ class in every adult’s training week – no matter your level of fitness.  It focuses on improving strength, mobility and stability (we refer to it as “body maintenance”). Expect lots of unilateral movements (single arm/single leg) and in all planes (direction of movement) prioritising controlled movement. Less focus on “huff and puff”.

The result: REDUCED risk of injury, wear and tear and improvement in strict strength.

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We offer membership options starting at $55 a week. Learn more about our pricing options for youth and adults.