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The Fitter Futures Difference

There’s no other place like Fitter Futures in Australia.  In fact, we don’t even like referring to ourselves as a “gym” because we are SO MUCH MORE than that.  When you join our tribe, we become part of your village.  You’ll experience authentic and genuine care for you, and your family.  We only want what is best for you.

The impact we will have on your life, or your child’s life, will be transformative, positive and empowering.

We offer an industry leading functional movement program designed to develop physical literacy; prevent injuries; and improve strength, fitness and sports performance – keeping youth and adults actively engaged in exercise for a lifetime.

However, it’s the WAY we do things … our culture … our values … our authenticity … our commitment to excellence … and our commitment to you … that makes us truly special.

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Sam Mathers owner of Fitter Futures
Our Founder

Sam Mathers

Being involved in sports and physical activity has been my lifestyle since I was a kid. I’m forever grateful for having parents who kept my sister and I busy playing lots of different sports, and supporting us to grow up as capable and confident young adults.

I left a very successful corporate life behind to create Fitter Futures, because I was so passionate about changing the lives of others. I knew I had a gift of connecting, coaching, motivating and inspiring others and I wanted to put that to good use. I also saw the profound impact we had on kids and teenagers, both physically and emotionally, building confidence and capability through movement in an environment where they felt they belonged, and could thrive.

Becoming a Brand X Method Training Centre was a conscious decision to ‘be the best’ at what we do – learning from the most experienced youth coaches in the world and being the first in Australia to implement their world leading youth functional movement program in Australia. Now with our adult program, it’s incredible to see families (parents and kids) all training with us. There’s great satisfaction in seeing families connect and share experiences of training with us. We really do bring families together.

I feel passionately about leaving a legacy… helping others to live their best life and providing a service to our community that is of the highest standard, with authenticity and empathy. They say “it takes a village” to raise a child … Fitter Futures is a village of its own and I feel very humbled to be a part of the lives of every member that trains with us.

The Brand X Method

All Fitter Futures youth gym programming is based on Brand X MethodTM; a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping youth active and motivated to lead a fit and healthy life. The Brand X MethodTM (based in the USA) is driven by a relentless pursuit of best practices in strength & conditioning training for youths, based on a long term athletic development model. The programming and coaching methods focus on motor pattern training and improving physical literacy, to optimise youths fitness and elevate their athleticism whilst protecting against injury. The programming is adaptable to youths of all ability levels, and all environments.

Proudly, Fitter Futures is a premier Brand X MethodTM Lab – one of only 3 TBXM Labs worldwide. The Brand X MethodTM always aspire to continue evolving and improving its program for youths, and as a TBXM Lab our athletes are at the forefront of TBXM developments.

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