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Our #1 priority is athlete safety, meeting each athlete (no matter their age) where they’re at, enabling them to achieve success.

We have 3 kids at Fitter Futures (8, 10 and 12 years old). They all love training with the coaches and the other kids, learning new skills and learning to trust their bodies and what they can do for them. They have all improved their HPE at school and in other activities in their lives. 10/10. I also train as part of their adults program and the coaching and programming is pretty close to perfect. My mind and body have improved in ways I didn't think they still could. I look forward to every session.
Sonja Bennetto
I have mainly relied on running or cycling to provide a level of fitness. Always one to avoid weights, gyms or group classes. When I stepped into the Fitter Futures facility I realised they were doing something different. The 2 classes that I love and have helped me become a better old-age athlete are the 'strong bodies' and the 'strength & conditioning' classes. Great learning environment, excellent coaching, super supportive members (which makes a big difference for new people) and a FUN place to develop new fitness habits!
Jerrod Smith
I can't tell you how many times I walked past Fitter Futures but felt too unsure to book a consultation. I recently took the plunge and joined a "strength training for yogis" course. My gosh why did I wait so long?!? In terms of gyms & strength training, I've never felt so comfortable & welcomed. It's such a family-friendly atmosphere. Despite the fact I hadn't done strength training for about 5 years (embarrassingly!) I felt encouraged and the focus on technique and safety is their top priority (which at now 40 yrs old I appreciate!). Sam the owner is such a great person and truly cares about your progress. She is approachable, encouraging, and obviously highly trained. If you've been hesitating to join a fitness program or worried if you'll "fit it"-don't look any further. This is less for gym junkies, and way more for families & adults looking to be stronger. I won't be going anywhere else anytime soon.
Leah Hynes

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