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Youth Strength and Conditioning

STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL – a new narrative

At Fitter Futures, strong is beautiful. The role models at Fitter Futures are not only incredibly impressive athletes in their own right, but also strong advocates of leading a happy, healthy and strong life. They are our coaches. They are our adult members. They promote being proud of everything your body has done, is doing and will do in the future.

Meddling in the Middle

Adolescents are diverse in development, interests and needs. At Fitter Futures, we see ourselves as part of your wider support network and aim to play an important role in maintaining this love of life, learning, health and fitness in your adolescent.

If she can see it, she can be it!

International Women’s Day brings into focus the importance of strong and fearless role models for young women and girls. Today’s girls are talented, ambitious and accomplished. They’re wise beyond their years. But they’re burdened as well, pressured to grow up too fast, before they’ve had a chance to explore who they are and who they wish to be.

Safe Teenage Weight Lifting Programs

Weight lifting can be beneficial for adults, but are teenage weight lifting programs safe for teens? You may be asking yourself this question if your teen is interested in starting weight lifting. The simple answer is yes, but only when done in a safe, supervised environment with proper instruction and guidance from qualified and experienced youth coaches.