STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL – a new narrative

“Women can be tough, strong and fit, and also extremely feminine (Demi Hayes).

“Femininity means confidence in who I am and what I look like (Madison Ashby).

“Women are being embraced for their athleticism and strength (Selina Steele).

In a week where the strongest female (and male) athletes will compete in CrossFit competitions around the world, it is important to continue to encourage and instil these thoughts into our younger generation. By surrounding them with an atmosphere that encourages good habits, good role models, strength and fitness, a new narrative is created – being strong and beautiful are mutually inclusive in the definition of femininity. “You can be feminine and have muscles” (Sara Sigmundsdottir).

At Fitter Futures, strong is beautiful. The role models at Fitter Futures are not only incredibly impressive athletes in their own right, but also strong advocates of leading a happy, healthy and strong life. They are our coaches. They are our adult members. They promote being proud of everything your body has done, is doing and will do in the future (Kara Saunders). The atmosphere created in Fitter Futures brings about a feeling of confidence – a feeling that the appearance of each and every body type is a by-product of that amazing function and performance. There is something incredibly empowering about this correlation between strength and beauty (Harley).

To all the girls out there, you are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave” (Tia-Clair Toomey).

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