Faster, Higher, STRONGER!

Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Faster, Higher, Stronger!

“I want to go to the Olympics”

“I want to run faster than I ever have before”

“I can see myself doing that”

“I want to be just like them!”

Inspiration leads to imitation. The 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane, Australia, is likely to inspire a new generation of athletes and provide a tremendous boost to sports development to the region. Young adolescents, in particular athletes, are great emulators. The mantra of inspiration and imagination – “I can see myself doing that” – is a fundamental motivator and needs to be nurtured and supported. In the beginning, children often begin to play and show an interest in sports. This early play and exploration inevitably leads to participation in organised activities or team sports. As years progress, adolescents begin to show drive and determination and become more interested in certain sports. It is at this point, they show ambition and are ready to commit to training with intent.

The Athlete Academy at Fitter Futures offers strength and conditioning programs specifically designed for each athlete. Athletes are paired with qualified and specialist coaches. They are given targeted movement practice, strength and conditioning activities that are developmentally appropriate, progressive and technique driven. These factors are needed to attain a level of athleticism that is consistent with the Olympic Motto. We encourage our Academy Athletes to be faster, aim higher and improve overall strength, so that we can help them reach their full potential and excel in any future sporting endeavours.

It is this personalised approach from our staff at Fitter Futures that stands out amongst the crowd. Our coaches are – trainers … motivators … communicators … enthusiasts … focussed … observant … supportive … programmers … the list goes on. At Fitter Futures, we are fortunate to have highly skilled tacticians and masters of their craft. Coaches train members to become champions in their sport (Johnson, 2011). The aim is to provide our Athletes with opportunities and tailored programming to produce peak performance in order to give your child the best chance to achieve their sporting dream.

One of the valuable lessons we learn is that sport is much more than a game you win or lose. It is more than just building strength. It is about focussing on the process rather than the outcomes and giving it everything you have got. If the focus is the process, the outcome will take care of itself. At Fitter Futures the focus is the process, along with building confidence. Confidence separates those who persist from those who give up. According to Schimmer (2014), when young people have confidence, when they believe they’ll eventually be able to achieve, they can learn almost anything. Developing real confidence – not inflated self-esteem – is about gaining competence. By tailoring programs for young athletes, confidence and conditioning go hand in hand with commitment. Every athlete at Fitter Futures is encouraged to compete, to be involved, to excel, to lead, to challenge and to be challenged.

Dream it, Dare it, Do it at Fitter Futures!  Or in the words of one of the opening songs at the Sydney Olympics – Dare to Dream and join the Athlete Academy at Fitter Futures today.

“I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is. Go at it full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it, and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good” (Roald Dahl).

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