Dynamic Duo – Jemma & Mark

“Our children are watching us live and what we are shouts louder than anything we say?” (Wilfred Peterson)

Fitter Futures really is a family space. Catering from juniors to tweens to teens to adults, it provides a space where we learn from each other, become inspired by each other, and support each other to reach our potential and beyond. Mark and Jemma are absolute examples of this. The dynamic husband-wife duo are one of many couples who are both members at Fitter Futures.  Jemma and Mark are incredibly hard working as well as having a busy home life with three beautiful young children. Yet, they make their home life, professional life and health all manage to be seamlessly intertwined into every day. They make time for family, for work, for each other and for themselves. This, whether they realise it or not, provides their children with the ultimate role models day in, day out.

Jemma is a women’s health nurse, has qualifications in nutrition and is an experienced professional trainer. She values staying in shape not only for the health of our bodies but also for the health of our minds. For Jemma, working out and going to the gym is a time to work on herself and she always brings a level of energy and enthusiasm that makes everyone around her rise to the occasion and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Jemma is also an athlete. She has competed in many CrossFit Masters competitions and finished on the Queensland podium for two years in a row. Jemma is also competing in a pairs competition this year with friend and fellow coach, Jay. Jemma is a jack of all trades, an organiser, a supporter, an enthusiast, an inspiration, a role model … she knows and lives by “relentless persistence” (Kara Saunders).

Mark is the other half to this dynamic duo. An accounting professional who was an experienced cyclist and enjoyed his time on the road. While Mark was initially convinced to come along to Fitter Futures through Jemma, following a serious road bike accident in 2020, he was looking for new ways to find fitness and of course find the fun. He wanted to become strong … have fun working out with mates … wanted to establish habits that would set him up for a fitter future and allow him to be the best role model for his young children. He has achieved just that.

Jemma and Mark – we are incredibly proud of you. We feel privileged that we are part of your wider family community … a place where you can work out and be healthier in body and mind … a place that where you both continued to and continue to be strong – inside and out!

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