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Kay’s Story

Prior to Fitter Futures Kay was not in the best of health and exercise was more of a hobby rather than a priority. She was doing a little exercise with her daughter, however there was definitely no commitment or consistency. In fact, even though Kay held a Senior Executive role in the finance industry and was doing well in her career, she rarely put herself first and this created a distinct lack of self-belief.

Kay joined Fitter Futures in late 2019 and began focussing on getting through one day at a time. Showing up and completing one session at a time. Becoming accountable to herself and realising her health needed a major renovation. Fitter Futures was the place for her to begin stepping outside her comfort zone. It was the place where she found coaches who would encourage her to invest in herself guilt free. The place where she has found a love of fitness with her family – working out with her daughter and having her beautiful grandchildren watch her make fitness a priority. The place where she has created a wider support network and has made some incredible friendships that will last a lifetime. For Kay, Fitter Futures is the best way to start the day at 5.30am.

Dedicated, hard working, consistent, encouraging, friendly … Kay embodies all of these. We are so proud of you! Your journey is inspiring. We love that you find the fun, enjoy the challenge, and embrace each workout with a smile.

Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!” (Paul Brandt). We cannot wait to see you achieve your next goal and more!

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