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The Importance of Sports in Adolescence

Ongoing physical activity and being a part of a team or social sport in adolescence can be immensely beneficial for teenagers and children. While we know that playing sports and participating in physical activity is good for the body, there are a number of other benefits that make participating in sports essential for adolescents. 

The Benefits of Sports in Adolescence


It’s no secret that moving your body is good for you. To allow for healthy development, kids and teenagers should be getting at least an hour of exercise a day (including 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity). Participating in sports during adolescence will build strength, agility, balance, and cardiovascular health for kids and teenagers which will send them into adulthood with strong, healthy bodies.


Being a part of a team sport is invaluable. It teaches kids and teenagers how to interact socially with one another. The competitive nature of sports allows them to learn valuable coping mechanisms when it comes to resilience, supporting one another, winning humbly, and losing cheerfully. Sports are not only effective at developing social skills but they also create a bonding experience that can result in lasting friendships


Studies have proven that participating in sports can improve academic performance. While you may at first think that taking up valuable study time with sports could set kids back, the reality is that physical activity generally seems to help with school work. Not only does it burn up excess energy which then allows them to focus better in class, but it also trains their mind in areas of repetition and problem solving and boosts mental alertness which helps with concentration.


Adolescence is an emotionally charged time, and one way to manage emotions and improve your mood is with frequent exercise. As we say in our gym “You are only one workout away from a good mood”.  There are many mental health benefits linked to exercise, including decreased levels of depression, stress and anxiety. Playing sports can also play a huge role in building confidence and self-esteem.  Learn more about Why Physical Activity Is So Important For Kids’ and Teens’ Mental Health.


Lastly, playing sports in adolescence is valuable as it sets up healthy lifestyle habits for the future. If teenagers and children are used to spending a part of every day exercising, they are more likely to carry those habits over to adulthood. This is important as habits are much easier to set during childhood, and setting up healthy habits in youth can drastically impact their future quality of life.  Teenagers also learn that by consistently practicing and working hard at developing skills, strength or fitness, they will improve. That’s a valuable life lesson to learn!

There are plenty of valid benefits to playing sports in adolescence for both the mind and body. If you would like to learn more about child and teen fitness, check out our blog.

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