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5 Stress Relief Exercises For Kids

Stress is often thought to only affect adults, but children can suffer from stress too. This can be caused by any number of issues, from pressure at school, friendship dramas, family dynamics, or social media. When kids are feeling stressed (like during exam blocks for example), encourage them to take study breaks and move!  

To ensure that our children stay healthy and happy, there are many effective stress relief exercises for kids that you can incorporate into their daily lifestyle.

Why Stress Relief For Kids Is Important

The best thing to relieve stress for anyone, especially children, is exercise and play. The benefits of exercise on children’s bodies work both physically and mentally. Physically, exercise releases that pent up energy and creates a rush of endorphins, the happiness hormone. This is proven to decrease stress levels. Play is an important piece in the development and maintenance of mental health as well as social health and well-being for children.  Mentally and emotionally, playing (outside or in a team) and developing new skills allows children to develop confidence and a sense of community, which also reduces stress and anxiety.

If your child is struggling with stress or anxiety, try to incorporate some stress relief exercises for kids throughout their day.

5 Stress Relief Exercises For Kids


Running is one of the most effective exercises to raise your heart rate which is great to reduce stress levels. Whether it be going for a jog listening to your favourite tunes, running races,  or just playing “Red Rover” or tag, running or short bursts of aerobic exercise such as sprinting can use up a lot of energy and trigger that endorphin release.

Gyms For Kids

If you’re trying to motivate your kids to move more, the best place to start is by educating them about their bodies and the benefits of exercise. Here at Fitter Futures we are devoted to sharing our passion for movement and fitness, motivating kids and teens to develop a love of exercise, building strength, and looking after their body and mind. For a free trial, click here.

Team Sports

Playing sport as part of a team is not only great exercise for your kids but also builds their self-esteem and ability to connect with other children. This is brilliant stress relief for kids because it raises their heart rate, confidence, and improves social skills.


Swimming and playing in the pool is terrific exercise thanks to the increased resistance from the water. An added benefit is that water is proven to have a relaxing effect on people. Not only will swimming give your child a workout, but being submerged in water will also relieve their stress by soothing them.

Playing Outside

When it comes to stress relief exercises for kids, you don’t have to overthink it. Just playing outside with friends, siblings, or the dog can do wonders to release any stress. By raising their heart rate, using their imagination, and getting some vitamin D from the sun, their stress levels will decrease.

Knowing how to help your stressed child or teen can be, well, stressful. Fortunately, just an hour of activity every day can make a big difference in lowering their stress and anxiety levels. For more exercise ideas for kids, check out our blog How Much Exercise Do Kids Need.

Free Trial at Fitter Futures

If you’re wanting to help your child increase their self-esteem, build their confidence, work on having a positive body image and be surrounded by amazing kids and awesome coaches, sign up for a free trial at Australia’s leading functional fitness gym for kids, teens and parents by sign up HERE.

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