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How labelling kids as “non sporty” can negatively impact them

PLEASE do not let your child or teenager hear you describe them as “not a sporty kid”.

In my experience, kids/teens identifying themselves as being “not sporty” or “not a sporty kid” often goes hand-in-hand with a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem particularly with regards to physical capability, limiting beliefs about what they can do, and other insecurities.

This video is intended to help parents be more aware of the language they use in the presence of their kids about their child’s sporting abilities, and to share some insights on how labelling a child or teen as “not sporty” can impact them deeply.

Let’s steer the conversation towards encouraging our kids to try other sports or activities that they might find more enjoyable, and to remind them that participating and having fun is the key. Life is not about making the “A” team.👊🏼


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