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Fun Fitness Activities To Do as a Family

Thanks to Brisbane’s great weather and active culture, our city is packed with events that focus on fitness. Throughout the entire year, you can find fun activities to take part in as a family that will get you and your loved ones moving. Not only is participating in these events fun and physically rewarding, but they make great goals to train towards, encouraging healthy habits and creating lasting memories as a family.

Brisbane Fitness Events and Activities To Do as a Family

Obstacle Course Races

If you’re looking for an event that is all about fun, an obstacle course is a great option. Maneuvering your way through obstacles requires skill, coordination, and fitness. It’s also so fun that you won’t even notice how great a workout it is. Here is the Obstacle Race and Mud Run Calendar for Queensland this year. If you’re looking for something a little less extreme, check out these Obstacle Races for Kids.

Fun Runs

Whether it be to raise funds for charity, challenge yourself, or just have a bit of fun, a fun run is something the entire family can take part in. These are by far the most accessible fitness events going, with a new run taking place practically every weekend in and around Brisbane. They are the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and your family. Start small with just walking a 5km and working your way up to running longer distances as a group. Here is a list of Brisbane Running Events that you can sign up for.

Mountain Bike Events

Is your family less into running and more into cycling? Why not try mountain biking? Biking is not only terrific cardiovascular exercise, but it has the added benefit of getting you and your family outdoors and amongst nature. Here is a list of Mountain Biking Races throughout Queensland.


Do the members of your family all have different physical strengths? Put each individual strength to the test at a triathlon. Triathlons are three-part races that include swimming, cycling, and running, and are accessible to all age groups and ability levels. Here are the 2020 Queensland Triathlons that you can sign up for right now. 


If you think that orienteering has nothing to do with fitness, think again. The activity is all about navigating the outdoors and getting your body moving. In saying that, it is also one of the most accessible family activities out there, open for everyone from kids to grandparents. What’s more, it not only gets your body moving but also tests your mind and teaches the whole family valuable skills, from practical map reading to teamwork. For all the orienteering events coming up in Queensland, click here.

These activities are about more than just fitness. By participating in them and setting goals as a family you’re encouraging healthy habits and skill-building that your kids will bring with them into adulthood. If you’re looking for more fitness ideas for kids and teenagers, don’t forget to check out our blog.

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