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July 29 – September 9

If you are looking for the instant gratification of a “magic bullet” instead of looking to make steady progress, you will remain stuck in inaction, desperately hoping for your big break (Tyson, 2020).

When wanting to make a lifestyle change, we often jump in the deep end. We want big changes, and we want them fast … we want to get stronger … we want to get fitter … we want to lose weight … and we want it NOW. However to make sustainable change – changes that last more than a month or two, we need to make small steps towards progress, not perfection.

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Do you find yourself…

  • Wishing you could lose weight, but can't make progress?
  • Struggling to change your habits in a way that 'sticks'?
  • Unable to keep weight off once you’ve lost it?
  • In need of extra support and accountability?
  • Looking for guidance on how to improve diet and lifestyle?
  • Wasting time on programs, or exercise, that isn't working work for you?
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What you’ll get

Step-by-step guide to changing habits

Learn how to set weekly habits to improve your health in a sustainable way - to set you up for success!

Support & Accountability

Our community and coaches will provide support to help you stay on track.​


Weekly group catch up where coaches share knowledge including meal ideas, practical tips, and helpful resources.​

Body Composition Scans

2 Evolt Body Composition scans (at the start and finish), to find out vital stats and track progress.

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