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Sonja’s Story

Training at Fitter Futures with such qualified and amazing coaches has changed my life.  

Before I started at Fitter Futures I was…

I have been training at Fitter Futures since November 2020.  Before I started at Fitter Futures I was coming out of a long time doing zoom workouts at home and felt I needed to rejoin society and find like-minded people to train with.  We had recently moved to Brisbane and while I wasn’t completely unfit I had become quite socially isolated.  I had been a member at Crossfit gyms over the years and while I had enjoyed those environments I was wary of how cliquey and competitive those environments were, and how that could have an unhealthy impact on both my body by making me push myself when I wasn’t ready or was already fatigued, and on my mind when I let myself feel down about someone else “beating” me in a workout.  I told Sam Mathers while I wanted to go back to weight training and HIIT I was worried about these two things.  Sam let me come for a week and see for myself just how different the Brand X method of training is, but also how hard her and the coaches worked to make sure every single person walking in the door had the same exhilarating experience without feeling left out.

My then 7 and 9 year old kids had started in the juniors and tweens classes already by this stage and I saw how happy it made them so I thought I had nothing to lose.

I wanted to …

When I joined Fitter Futures I wanted to make new friends and feel a connection within my community that COVID had robbed me of. I wanted more energy, to get stronger, but I didn’t want to train 2 hours a day to achieve this.  I wanted intelligent programming that would get me to my goals without sacrificing everything else I have to do in my day.  I have 4 kids and me time is extremely precious but I can’t commit to something that takes too much time or might injure me, as my kids are still young and i want to be able to do physical things with them.  The coaches are so talented that even after 5 years of Crossfit I still have so much to learn.  One reason I walked away from Crossfit was frustration at the many difficult movements I just couldn’t do to my satisfaction despite years of training.  Now not only am I doing these movements, I can do them safely and I am proud of my achievements and no longer focus so much on what i can’t do.   The workouts are sensible and challenging, I leave exhausted and satisfied, but never injured or broken.

How has training at Fitter Futures changed your life?

I can honestly say that training at Fitter Futures with such qualified and amazing coaches has changed my life.  I have met an amazing group of like-minded people, but also lots of people from all walks of life which I love.  Everyone has a story and through partner work outs and chilling after class you learn something new all the time and make new connections.   I can still lift a heavy weight, but I can also do an intense cardio workout without wanting to pass out, which for me is an achievement.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fitter Futures to anyone who wants to achieve health, fitness and happiness.

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