Juana’s Story

I have hope for my future and that is so powerful.  

Before I started at Fitter Futures I was…

Struggling and in pain.  I felt I’d done things to help myself and had a different PT and did Pilates but I trained within my comfort zone and so often if I pushed myself, I’d pay for it for a week or more with a strain or injury.  At the end of 2018, I couldn’t stand for very long without pain and I put on a lot of weight because I’d just grab whatever.  This went on for a year before I put together an amazing team around me including Sam at Fitter Futures.  I felt helpless, like when you feel like this is it, this is just how it’s going to be for the rest of my life.

I wanted to …

I wanted to change so I could be an active grandparent in the future.  I also don’t want to be the person on the sideline who really wants to join in, but whose body is sluggish and injured. I wanted to be agile and functionally strong.

How has training at Fitter Futures changed your life?

I have hope for my future and that is so powerful.  I can now walk a part of Mt Cootha 5km each week with no repercussions.  I’m not afraid of certain movements now and my everyday walking feels stronger and my legs feel lighter.  Even when I was in a moon boot for a tear in my plantar fascia, I first thought, ‘here we go, another setback’ but I still trained with Sam.   I still have niggles but instead of avoiding things, I work around them and through them.  I am amazed at things I can do that would have seemed like a pipe dream a year ago and I still have so far I can go.

What makes Fitter Futures such a great place to train?

The team at Fitter Futures is knowledgeable and they care about the process and doing it correctly rather than just getting the numbers through.  They are patient and flexible so can easily modify according to the member if needed.  They truly know their members, and they are friendly and fun.  They encourage adults and kids alike to be supportive and kind to one another, and I’ve never felt ridiculed or judged by the team or the other members.  It is a ‘gym’ for everyone.  I love my PT time, but I also love the classes and working out with others.  It is a safe space to push your limitations and thrive.

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