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Queensland Firebirds Training at Fitter Futures

ure and honour of hosting the Firebirds for training this past week at Fitter Futures. They were inspired and motivated by our world class facility – in their words it was like ‘nothing they’d ever seen before’. So unique!

Future of Fitness Podcast: Building Formidable Humans – Sam Mathers

Sam Mathers is interviewed by Eric Malzone from The Future of Fitness to talk about Fitter Futures: Building Formidable Humans in the Future of Fitness….

Fitter Futures becomes a Brand X Method Lab

Fitter Futures  has been chosen as A Brand X Method™ Lab Something we are really proud of is the recent announcement that Fitter Futures has…

International Functional Federation (iF3) Youth Committee

Coach Sam’s appointment to the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) Youth Committee You may not have heard of the International Functional Fitness Federation(iF3) – the…