International Functional Federation (iF3) Youth Committee

Coach Sam’s appointment to the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) Youth Committee

You may not have heard of the International Functional Fitness Federation(iF3) – the world’s international governing body for competitive functional fitness.  The iF3 is lobbying to have functional fitness included in the Olympic Games in 2028.  Each year there is an iF3 World Championships where member countries of the iF3 send athletes and teams to compete, representing their nation.  (Presently, there are 29 iF3 member nations and growing).

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2018 iF3 World Championships in London to watch the athletes compete.  In 2019 the World Championships will be held in Malmo, Sweden.  And for the first time Australia will be represented (by individual and team athletes), with the Australian Functional Fitness Federationbeing established in December 2018.

Whilst I will never be an elite athlete representing Australia at the iF3 World Championships (I left my run a bit late in life), I am really excited to have the honour of representing Australia in a different capacity, as a member of the iF3 Youth Committee.

The Brand X Method™ partnered with the iF3 to develop an athletic pathway for participation and competition for youths in the sport of functional fitness, that prioritises safety in movement and the long term athletic development of youths.

It took my breath away when I was asked by Jeff and Mikki Martin to be a member of the iF3 Youth Committee – one of 11 individuals hand picked to form an international team; each of us bringing unique knowledge and experience but who share common values and a passion about doing what is best for kids.

The iF3 Youth Committee will create an age appropriate competition structure to enable young athletes to safely participate and compete in the sport of functional fitness, whilst inspiring them to develop competence in quality movement and to strive for improving strength and developing skills through good mechanics.

The iF3 intends to offer the first youth competition by 2020. There’s a lot of work to do between now and then but I’m excited about the people I’m working with on the iF3 Youth Committee and the solution that we will develop … I know it will be a legacy and something we will all be very proud of.  Watch this space!

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