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Teenage girls and exercise – how Fitter Futures is helping girls build confidence and motivation

At Fitter Futures we work with many girls who are feeling anxious, insecure, and low in confidence about themselves, their bodies and their physical capability. Some have dropped out of sport. Others have never liked sport or exercise generally.

Go Queensland Firebirds – the Fitter Futures Community is Behind YOU!

We are so honoured to have hosted the Queensland Firebirds for training throughout their pre-season training! They have put so much hard work, preparation and training in…

Celebrating the Wins!

Hi it’s Sam Mathers & I just wanted to share some AMAZING good news stories this week. Tune in to hear these 3 amazing stories…

Queensland Firebirds Training at Fitter Futures

ure and honour of hosting the Firebirds for training this past week at Fitter Futures. They were inspired and motivated by our world class facility – in their words it was like ‘nothing they’d ever seen before’. So unique!

Why kids and teens should exercise before school

Sam Mathers, Founder of Fitter Futures explains the benefits of exercise on the brain and learning, and why kids & teens should exercise before school.

If you’re over 40 you should be doing strength training regularly. Here’s Why.

We all know that exercise is important to maintain our overall health. As we age, however, physical fitness can easily be put on the back burner as our priorities shift with family life and work. If your exercise routine doesn’t already incorporate strength training, then we recommend you get started because there are many benefits to strength training over 40 that can improve your life for the better.

Fun Fitness Activities To Do as a Family

Thanks to Brisbane’s great weather and active culture, our city is packed with events that focus on fitness. Throughout the entire year, you can find…

Focusing on Healthy Behaviours is the Key to Good Health

In many people’s minds, being healthy is linked with being a certain weight or seeing a specific number on the scales.  If you are a…

How labelling kids as “non sporty” can negatively impact them

PLEASE do not let your child or teenager hear you describe them as “not a sporty kid”. In my experience, kids/teens identifying themselves as being…

Goal Setting Versus Resolutions

We have all done the New Year’s resolution dance. We swear that this year will be different, that we will stay resolute and lose weight,…

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