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Inspiration leads to imitation. The 2032 Summer Olympics in Brisbane, Australia, is likely to inspire a new generation of athletes and provide a tremendous boost to sports development to the region. Young adolescents, in particular athletes, are great emulators. The mantra of inspiration and imagination – “I can see myself doing that” – is a fundamental motivator and needs to be nurtured and supported. In the beginning, children often begin to play and show an interest in sports. This early play and exploration inevitably leads to participation in organised activities or team sports. As years progress, adolescents begin to show drive and determination and become more interested in certain sports. It is at this point, they show ambition and are ready to commit to training with intent.

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As the Winter holidays are upon us, I begin to think about the phrase surviving the holidays. Holidays must be driven by the things we love to do – being with family and friends, eating well, moving and resting at the right times and opportunities. Through this approach, we will all thrive – not just survive – the Winter Break!

A Family who TRAINS together, STAYS together!

The saying “a family who trains together, stays together” suggests that engaging in physical activity or training as a family, can strengthen the bond between family members and promote a sense of togetherness. For many Australians, engaging in a physical activity as a family used to come in the form of a Sunday afternoon walk. However, at Fitter Futures, we provide an environment where the whole family can be involved – observing and participating, role modelling for each other, learning that hard work pays off, and most of all showing the value of staying active, at no matter what stage of life.

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